Psychic Assault: Wave

The woman’s Break builds like a coming storm, and Derrick feels the inevitability of it. A second ticks past and the Break explodes from her mind like a terrible pressure wave, catching Derrick and the woman ahead in its undeniable energy.

He screams. The feeling is like having his own mind ripped open and shredded into tiny bits.

The Wave passes, and Derrick finds himself on the ground again, drenched in sweat and gasping for breath — but clear-headed once more.

It won’t last, her voice whispers into his mind. It is only a temporary buffer. We must get you to Sanctuary. He senses her attention shift momentarily to the other Break. Both of you.

He pushes to his feet, swaying slightly.

What the hell just happened? he queries.

A secondary Break. It almost never happens, except in the most special cases. She catches his eye. Sometimes when a powerful mind Breaks for the first time, it causes someone without the gift to Break, as well — temporarily. She smiles at him. You are remarkable.

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