Questions of a Cape

I try talking to the guy but he’s not talking. I don’t know what it is with these people. They’re already caught. They might as well tell me what they did. Is it me? I cut an imposing figure but I’m not that scary. I need to check a mirror when I get back.

Alright now where’s your guy?

Where’s your guy?

Once I spot him I realize why I didn’t notice him slipping. The idiot’s so scared he’s not even screaming. I dart down to catch him but a shockwave pushes me into an office building. Sounded like it came from the Walden Building but there’s too much smoke to see anything.

I fly over and try to blow away the smoke but a laser hits me in the neck. A goddamn laser. I start hearing things, sounds like. . . whooping? This building is whooping at me? A giant metal foot kicks me and I realize it’s not the building (thank christ) and it’s just a robot. A whooping robot.

I start pumping myself up for the fight but then I remember something.

Where’s your guy?

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