The Power of Kings

The halls were lined with gold. For generations these halls had been kept pristine. Each King before had added his own touches. Sigils of silver, paintings of the finest places from around the world. But the current King had nothing.

“Come, Darien,” he began, “I have something to show you.”

Darien followed his King. He, Darien Blackwood, was advisor to King Jaice Riverdon III. And his most trusted friend.

Jaice led him into a part of the castle he had never before seen, deep below the throne room. Before them was a door. Nothing particularly special. It was behind the door that was the most guarded secret of the Kingdom for over six millenia.

“Only previous Kings and their princes have seen what lies within this chamber, my friend. Now, let me show you the true power of kings, for you would never betray my trust.”

He stepped forward and heaved open the heavy door and the led the way into the dark room.

“Do not jump,” he thought, “to conclusions, old friend.”

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