I watch as it tumbles through the air, glinting in the twilight.
Time slows down. One side appears, then the next. Reminiscent of all the sides of this situation coming to light in the way they did.

Sad that lives hang in the balance, here. If only we could see both sides at once. I suppose, perhaps, that the sweet spot, the edge of the coin, could be called neutral. What if it does balance out? Could there be a bloodless resolution?

No. I live in the real world. The world where rumors pass and become twisted lies. The world where nobody gives a damn if you were just trying to fix a flaw, trying to change something.

No, in the end, it all ends up the same. Either it works, or it doesn’t. Either they believe the truth, or they don’t. Death or life. Heads or tails.

It’s still falling. I’m still waiting. But is it worth it? Should I wait?
Not like I have a choice. He’s the one with the cold metal in his hands, after all.

It’ll hit the bottom, soon.
And then everything will be finished.

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