Lucas-part 1

This school was too low for me.
Everyone was below me in some way. And it seemed the only way they could express their jealousy was by making fun of me.
I merely ignored all the kids making fun of me from the buses as they drove by me, who was walking home as always.
They were all lost, hopeless futures laid ahead for them. So I continued ignoring their banter until I got home, immediately running to my basement.
Mother stopped me, “Lucas! Honey!”
I skidded to a stop in front of the basement’s door, “Yes Mother?”
“How was school?”
I huffed, my mother could be so difficult sometimes, “Same as always. Stupid people made fun of me.”
“Awe honey, well they’ll catch you a break eventually. What are you going to do?”
“Computer games.”
“Okay have fun! Remember your homework though.”
Oh I knew I’d get to that eventually. But first I ran downstairs to get to what I had been waiting for all day:
To get back to work on dissecting the neighbor’s cat.

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