Jared-part 2

“Jared would you get up already!”
“I’m up, I’m up Jesus.”
“Oh don’t give me that once again you woke up late, and now you’re going to miss bus!” “For the last time mom I get a ride to school I don’t take the bus.” I chuckled at her stupidity. This is how every morning went. I swear to God she has Alzheimer’s. I head to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I jumped in the shower. When I got out, I shook my head and realized that I didn’t have long hair anymore. That’s right I cut it cut last night. I chuckled at my stupidity. I slumped down the stairs, and entered the kitchen
“What did you do to your hair? You look like a shark.” My mom said.
“I know right? Doesn’t it look awesome?”
“No it really doesn’t.”
“Nice hair bro,” my brother Conroy said as he entered the kitchen. “You see mom, it does look cool.” She rolled her eyes,
“Okay I’ll give you that, but you still look like a shark.”
“I can live with that.” I sat down at the table and started eating my cereal.

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