Diffusing the Situation

Engiman was sprinting. People always wondered why superheroes wear so little clothes, or lightweight lycra jumpsuits. It’s the running. If he’d taken a whole suit of armour, it would take him an hour to run a block. Plus coffee breaks. He turned the corner and he was there.

About a hundred metres ahead of him, in the middle of the road, the stone behemoth just stood there. Earthshaker, the notoriously unwealdy supervillain. Engiman raised his left hand, initialising the Tazik shockers in his gauntlet. Energy surged through the metal plates and erupted from his finger tips, forming a ball of lightning-esque power that hurtled towards the monstrosity’s head. But the thing was made of stone. Have you ever seen lightning break a stone?

Feeling a slight tickling sensation in the back of his head, Earthshaker turned around. It was sort of a three point turn, such was his size. “Engiman! I win! Say goodbye to your city!” He crouched, building tension in his legs.

“You don’t have to do this! Don’t jump!”

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