And Everything Under The Sun

She stands there, arms crossed in a vulnerable-but-not-really sort of way. It’s not me, it’s her, she says. The words “space” and “time” are used. She needs more of each. I don’t understand, and as an astrophysicist its been a long while since I didn’t understand space and time.

I chose this moment specifically for us. It was supposed to be perfect. After all those late nights together in the lab, the weekend trysts, the hiding behind co-worker’s backs, I was going to tell her. Let her know, let everyone know, exactly how I felt. That the heavens had, literally, aligned for us. But I hadn’t accounted for… I didn’t know that she…

As the eclipse reaches totality we are engulfed in darkness. The planetarium’s viewing monitors show Baily’s beads (AKA The diamond ring effect). She kisses me on the cheek for the last time, turns and walks away. I’m numb from her scent and the shock. The hand behind my back loosens slowly, and the ring falls to the floor.

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