I Am An Athenaeum

I am an athenaeum;
In the innermost area of every house.

The place,
Where eternity came from,
Where eternity will one day return.

A room filled with shadows.
A room overflowing,
With unasked questions,
With unthinkable thoughts.

I am a space of limitless knowledge;
A space for practicing patience,
Where elucidation from flickering light
Is cast from candled lamp stands.

At night:
Moonlight bleeds
Through vaulted windows,
Encased in coffered ceilings.

In darkness:
Moonbeams shine
Through swirls of floating dust,
On polished granite floors.

I hear footsteps clatter
Toward towering bookcases,
Stopping beneath
Benches of opened books.

They sit,
They read,
They wonder.

Answers exist;
In volumes of history,
In tomes of science,
In bibles of belief.

They wonder,
They read,
They sit.

Unasked questions
Will be answered.

The mind will see
Unthinkable thoughts.

I exist outside the binds of time,
In the innermost area of every house.

I am an eternity of learning,
Waiting forever to be found.

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