Somewhere I’m showing you another world for the first time. You can’t believe that I can really shift. I ask you to close your eyes, hold you tight, and shift into another world. You open your eyes. At first you’re terrified but then you laugh. Your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Somewhere we’re together in the park with our family. I’m playing tag with our youngest daughter, running through the trees. You shake your head and wonder when I’ll grow up.

Somewhere I watch as you kiss her beneath the moonlight. I tell myself you’re happy with her and that’s what matters as I hold back my tears.

Somewhere the sky is burning and you lie dead at my feet. Even after everything you’ve done I wish there could have been another way.

Somewhere I see you for the first time across the crowded room. You’re the only one in this awful party who looks as uncomfortable as I am. Ducking through the crowd, I flash my most charming smile at you and try to forget all the reflections of you and me.

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