Deja Vu?

“I can’t remember whether I’ve been here or not,” said Jenny. “This place looks familiar, but there’s something wrong…”

“What do you mean?” said Gates. “I can usually remember where I’ve been, no matter how drunk I was.”

“Well, the thing is, there’s a lot of me. I exist in every universe and I share the knowledge and memories of all my counterparts. Sometimes it’s a pain to sort through.” She sat down in the lotus position and started to hum.

Gates turned around and saw vast, cyclopean ruins in the distance. There was a statue nearby, too, overgrown with vines. He made his way to the statue and hacked them away. He wondered how much the statue would fetch on the open market. It looked like it was carved by someone who was only vaguely familiar with humans, if it was supposed to portray a human. But before long he figured out it was a woman, and the thing on its head was a pair of aviator goggles.

“Um, Jenny, I think I know the answer to your question…”

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