Puddle 1

Once upon a time there was a purple frog with orange polka dots. He lived in a beautiful forest with lots of high trees and lots of cushiony bushes. He loved hopping to all his favorite places and playing hopscotch with all his froggy friends. But, what he loved to do most of all is to go to this little pond only he knew about and day dream. Ever since he could remember he would day dream about this one world where he was tall – as tall as trees and could run as fast as that snotty cobra in the Flower District. He had long arms and long legs and weird colored skin. It was the color of bark. He could do what ever he pleased! It felt so real to him, but he knew he could never tell a soul what he dreamt. Tobryah – his best froggy friend – would laugh at him and his parent just would not understand. He loved his adventures in his own private little world.

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