Puddle 2

Every day the little frog would go to his little private pond and dream. But, we aren’t talking about every day… We are talking about this one day, in particular. The day he found someone in his daydreamt world. He first saw her which running on the hard smooth rock in the hot sun. She was sitting under his favorite tree, it was the tallest tree in his little world and she had a square book in her hands – intensely looking at it. He thought it was weird that someone was in his dreams and decided to wake up… And there he was, back in his Froggy World. It was awfully dark and time for him to get hoppity-skip back home! His parent’s would worry! He had such a weird feeling about seeing someone. Never had anyone been in his day dreams before! Maybe he’ll see her again tomorrow – the little frog thought as he drifted into a deep slumber…

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