Puddle 3

For the next couple of days he never saw the girl in his dreams. Not even once. He thought he was going crazy.. Who was that girl? His life went back to normal… well, as normal as a little purple frog who day dreams could be. Then, a week later, when he was in his day dreamt world, strolling through a flower patch of Daisies, something touched his arm and he hit at it with his slender hand – ‘those dumb butterflies’ he thought, ‘always tickling my arms!’ – but then he felt something, something that he could only describe as feel like soft moss. He looked behind him and there she was! The Girl! Immediately he woke from his day dream, breathing hard and hopped all the way home in a hurry. He hid under his LeafBed, his whole purple body shaking, eyes closed shut.

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