The Jenny Everywhere Museum

This wing of the Infinite House was given by the Architect to Jenny Everywhere to store mementos from her adventures and dangerous artifacts. Only counterparts of Jenny and those they have chosen may enter it.

Known contents include:

Statues of friends, companions and family of Jenny from throughout the worlds.
Three perpetual motion machines.
A copy of the Voynich Manuscript with annotations written in a completely different alien language from the manuscript itself, neither of which are used in any known world.
A miniature city preserved from a dead world.
A key to the gate of Eromreven.
A battlesuit from the Third War of Ascension on Earth-33.
A portrait of Jenny painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 19th century on Earth-274 (where he is a vampire).
A floating pirate ship.
A maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
A zoo with various endangered species including unicorns, vegetable lambs and giant balloon animals.
A lock of red hair.
The skull of an Elder God.

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