Let’s talk.
What do you think you were doing,
those nights, those days, those texts?
I went out on a limb,
I didn’t see the saw behind your back,
You enticed as you sliced that branch.
You manipulate to get what you want.
Does she even know how you talk,
behind her back?
Not that I am tryin’ to help her,
Cuz she doesn’t deserve you,
with that mouth and attitude of hers.
She needs to watch it, every bit, take a hit.
Did you actually care,
or were you tryin’ to get some?
Well you got some, now, didn’t you?
I am not a toy, hear that boy?
Did that song actually make you cry
or were you just sad cuz I decided to leave?
I wonder if she’d dump you if she even had a clue.
And your good friend? He’s either as dumb as a nail,
Or blind a Bat…Cuz anyone can see you two ain’t good for nothin’ together.
Get it? Got it? Good.
Cuz I’m done tellin’ you.

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