Heh 2

You aren’t stupid.
What’s with your phone calls?
You wanna hear my voice?
Well, I wanna see if there’s anything in that head of yours.No, not that head the OTHER ONE.
Yea, I know you want me…
Maybe you’d have me,
If you got a tad bit of sense.
Remember those six hours?
That was the best day,
You talked, I listened,
I talked, you listened.
I told you my fears,
You told me to tell you that I wanted you,
Wanted to be with you.
And then maybe you’d make a move to change the situation.
Well, look who kept their promise.
I’d be a millionaire for every lie you told.
Heh, well your one in a billion.
I was there.
You had your chance.
What a waste of a romance.
I fell.
You can go to hell.

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