Lost on the Island of SUCK

“That is a terrible likeness,” Jenny said, frowning.

“Right,” Gates offered helpfully. “You’ve a bigger arse.”

“YOU SUCK!” Jenny bellowed, throwing a punch that connected hard with Gates’ shoulder. “Why did I let her talk me into rescuing you!? You hijacked my shift, jerk.”

“Hijack? How would I even…?” Gates said, rubbing his shoulder.

“I didn’t say you did it on purpose. I don’t know.”

“And this place,” Jenny said, kicking the sand, “SUCKS. Where am I!? I’ve never not known where I am! It’s LITERALLY against the Laws of Reality for me to get lost. It’s true! I’ve seen them! BALLS!”

Jenny stalked away and collapsed face first on the beach. Gates rolled his eyes and followed her.

“I apologize, love. I can be a bit of a berk when I’m out of my depth. We’ll suss this out together, yeah?” Jenny responded with a vulgarity that was thankfully muffled by the sand.

Gates was preparing a response when he heard something, giving him time to see the dozen or so flaming arrows arcing at them from the treeline.

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