Heroes of the Age: Initial Confontation

Name: Unknown
Code name: Ashen Warlord

He loved reading the file on himself. His men has intercepted a resistance courier trying to send a petition for aide to Britannia. Large amounts of rumour and speculation, exactly what every dictator cum super villain needs; an ego boost.

“Sir.” His chief of security entered the warlord’s temporary office. “We have just completed a perimeter sweep, everything is in order. We’ll check back in half an hour.”

“OK, thank you, soldier. Dismissed.” But before Chief Bill could turn around, the room started to shake. Both men hit the ground. “What’s happening?” For the first time, the Warlord sounded distressed.

“Can’t say, sir, probably just an earthquake.”

The shaking stopped after about a minute. Ash got up first. “Right, I’m going to see what happened.” He threw open the doors, but there was no office. No green fields of El Dorado. Only a desert, and a man in red armour, pointing a sword at Ash.

“Hello, Mr. Warlord. I don’t think you’re in Kansas anymore.”

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