You Had A Bad Day

your alarm clock went off and your body said “sleep”
your coffee spilled all over your feet
your shirt was buttoned one button off
your dog chewed on one of your crocs
your great idea went up in smoke
your muse slept in and never woke
your lunch was stale and still half frozen
your lotto numbers weren’t chosen
your movie date was postponed
your battery died on your cell phone
your dinner burned a charcoal black
your athlete’s foot is coming back
your ebay auction never sold
your enemy was just paroled
your mail was all ‘return to sender’
your heart is ready to surrender
your head hit the pillow, finally
your nightmare stung you like a bee
your sheets are soaked through with sweat
your day hasn’t gotten better yet
your clock strikes midnight, all is calm
your new day starts, a soothing balm

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