Balancing Act

“And now introducing—Bozo The Clown!!!”
Bozo stepped out, and did his usual routine; you know lion taming, fire-hoop jumping, but his final act was his balancing act. It was truly unbelievable no matter what you threw at him his body would conform to it, and he’d balance it, no matter what.

The crowd adored Bozo, and his performances, but what Bozo’s fans didn’t know is that his balancing act went far beyond what anyone could even imagine.

Bozo can balance anything! Even the intangible.

Bozo balances 3 different jobs, when he’s not in the circus act. He manages to be a single dad of 2 kids, while visiting his ill father in the hospital. Let’s be real for a moment though, no one will ever really realize Bozo’s balancing talents. It’s a shame.

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