Charming's Real Motive

Prince Charming was seeking to add to his collection,
of milkmaids, shepherdesses, and cooks,
All ‘rescued’ from the dungeon, indebted to the Queen,
To turn a profit with their good looks.

Still searching for the diva of his wildest dreams,
Where he grew richer night after night,
A singer and dancer of grace and poise,
He’d been hoping for with all his might!

A voice sweet, alluring, wholesome, and pure,
Echoed off of a tower of stone.
Dollar signs danced in his head as he ran,
He prayed he would find her alone!

Swans looked clumsy beside her grace,
When she spied him, her blush was crimson.
His heart melted soft as his passion grew hard,
Fulfilled, the objective of his mission!

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