Inanimate Eulogy

We have gathered today not to put something to rest, but to celebrate its life. I’m talking about baggy clothes ya’ll. It has been so much fun having you hang off my ass for the past 10 or so years of my life.

I loved your t-shirts too, Mr. Baggy Clothes. I bought them in a 3XL, despite the fact I was 5’10’’, 130 LBS. at the time. That shirt could be my home today or where I live when I go off to college.

Remember though this is not hate by any means; I LOVE you baggy clothes, and what you stood for at the time. You were the visual representation of the rebellion of our culture, against the general public opinion of what was acceptable. You became a worldwide phenomenon. Don’t get me wrong now I’m not losing you for good; I still like my stuff a litte baggy. Times have changed for me now, and I’m growing up you understand, right?

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