A Very Pink Assault

“What’s that?”

“It’s a cellphone, mum.”

“What is it saying?”

“I don’t know. Let me listen.” He bent his ear against the window.







“Look, they’re going away!”

“It’s a job.”

“Mika, I don’t understand.”

“Me neither. Something about an elevator.”


“They’re a construction crew.”
“Construction crew?”

“Seriously, mum, you make a lousy parrot.”


“It’s just a job, that’s all. They’ve been contracted to repair an elevator.”

“I suppose I should be relieved they’re gone.” She cleaned up the tea she dropped and poured another cup.


“What, are they back?”

“No. The neighbor’s flamingos… they’re moving!” There was a crash as she dropped the tea again.

“My God, Mika, this is too much. Now I wish dad was about.”

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