Little Dreamer's Gone to War

Little dreamer’s gone to war
Still in the fight before

Called upon off he goes
Didn’t volunteer
Won’t say no
Shall we call this bravery
Up for the pounding
In for a penny

Up til now up to fantasy
Imagination’s lad
Flights of fancy
Fighting just his darker whims
Personal demons
Not sure how he seems

Wants to go, yon adventure boy!
Be the hero
But reality annoys
Booming things real tolls take
Maybe not ideal
For pity’s sake

Wants to stay, hearth and sentimental
Comforts warm
And duties parental
Cloys and grips ye old ball and chain
Sweetness gone tadly sour
Flee, some freedom obtain

Little dreamer’s gone to war
Still in his head
The fight ever before
Fantasy hides the ins and out
Paths we choose to take
And all our found doubts

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