His Absence Doesn't Bother

He was in the wind. His ties to me had become tenuous at best. The nights spent with women, who did not wear my ring, had piled up. I can’t say this bothered me.

Our beginning was like any other, filled with grand gestures and deep promises. No one lives up to such things.

He fooled around regularly; I was slow to realize.

Realization came and it bred resentment. I soon realized I was kidding myself. “We” were dead and gone, ages before any dip into the company ink.

I was complicit in his crime. His philandering hurt me little. I allowed it in order to save the peace within our home. I slept soundly beside him knowing that this was not the first bed he had shared tonight.

I envied women that would view this life as torture. Their devotion to their men was a source of jealousy for me; the height of desire. Truth was, my heart held nothing for this man.

No love
No anger
No betrayal

He was a weight on the mattress assuring me that I was not alone.

How sad, that such assurance was all I needed in life.

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