The Unbroken War

Nobody knows how or even why the war began. All they know these days was that it had always been going on. Families were in tatters as father, brother, son came home either in pieces or not at all. Everyone knew someone who suffered loss. It was a part of life. Boys were born and prepared for war from the time they were old enough to walk. Girls were taught how to nurse the wounded.

It had begun in the East and slowly, over time, ravaged its way across the land leaving destruction and devastation in its wake. Whole cities and towns were left with piles of rubble and rotting bodies lying in the streets and few left to deal with them.

One city, originally called Mudgetton, was hard hit. Some who stayed behind to rebuild started to notice strange things happening near their makeshift homes. There were sightings of ragged and torn up soldiers marching haphazardly at night. People went missing and often awoke to sounds of screaming nearby.

It wasn’t long before the people started calling it Dreadtown.

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