Who can tell?

“Not so, the sun is still out, it looks small because today is a big day, you quite agree, right?”

“Sure …”

“Sugar! You’re right, of course, how sweet of you – I love sugar and I kiss him when I meet him on the streets. Do you?”

“No, um, I mean …”

“All the better, yes, politics aren’t my strong point. It’s all relative anyway. Did I tell you about my cousin? Never mind; he preferred cushions anyway, I think pillows are so much nicer, you sleep on them and …”

“Yes, yes, but …”

“Don’t argue, the brain’s default setting is to believe anyway. Did you know that studies prove children prefer Picasso to Matisse. But for goodness sake, getting drunk through your eye?!? People get crazier every day, I don’t know what the world is coming to! There’s the rabbit again; I really do think I should change my lenses. Careful, it wants your spaghetti!”

“Wha … ? Oh, let him take it; you take my hand, there, that’s good …”

“Oh, what a nice big place, it reminds me of when I went to visit my lunatic aunt …”

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