Enemies of the Age: Holding Action

Red-orange flames whirled around the two figures trapped in the middle of the circle of fire. A sword thrust into the ground separated them.

The tall man with rough skin, combed his hair back with the barrel of a desert eagle. “Well, you are a tricky one, aren’t you? I’m impressed. I may have misjudged you. Just one question- what are you using for fuel? That fire has to be coming from somewhere.”

Maxi didn’t answer, instead he flexed his hands and wiggled his fingers like a gunslinger, ready to grab the next weapon in his arsenal. Physical alterations of reality, or magic, took concentration and the application of will. He could only divide his waking consciousness into three parts, but fire was one of his specialties and took almost no effort at all.

“Are you looking for a job? I am always looking for men of a certain caliber.” The Ashen Warlord called out.

“Are you going to fight me or talk me to death?”

“I don’t know how you think I earned my reputation, it wasn’t by fighting- it was by winning.

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