The Cause of Murder

Well, what is it? You look at me with those eyes, judging me…as if you have any right! You know what? Why am I even surprised? I must have forgotten this fact about you. You always judged me Dad! It didn’t matter what it was, whatever I did you judged me, because everything I did was never good enough for you! I always managed to screw up, I’ll admit it, but instead of helping me, you criticized me. And it hurt, it hurt a lot. How come you never yelled at my sister, huh? She messed up too. Oh, you did, you criticized all of us, since you were so perfect. And remember all of the cruel things that you said to us, to make us feel even worse than we already did, since you remember everything? “Don’t be a pig!” “You’re stupid, use your sorry brain. Oh wait, you don’t have one.” “Quit being a smart ass and shut up.” I bet that you never thought that this would happen. Well, you caused it, the blood is on your hands. Thanks a lot Dad. Thanks for everything.

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