Red Shirt

Just when I was beginning to trust the shiny headed one and the white haired pixie by proxy, they pull a fast one. Their motivation is revenge. Those endeavors usually end messily. I was beginning to feel like the expendable one in this plan, the red shirt.

We had arrived at an upscale part of town, having taken a hovertaxi, which only the most affluent can afford. Fetus calmly used a retina scanner to unlock a bronze gate, probably made out of ancient pennies and worth more than half the city.

“I’m not going another step until you two come clean!”

“Fine.” Acrylic grinned, “But come inside the gate.”

Curious, I stepped through. There I saw what I could not see from the outside, a force field above the entire property like a dome, reaching to the walls of the stone fence.
“Magnetic shielding, making our words undetectable.” Fetus put her hands on her hips.

“MegaCorp killed my parents,” Fetus announced as if it were the weather forecast.

“And I was MegaCorp’s first experiment.” Acrylic declared.

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