Dead Men Do Tell Tales

“That doesn’t explain anything!”

“Mephisto is a super computer whose sole purpose is to find people of interest for MegaCorp.” Fetus intoned.

“Yeah, she wants me because I’m a scavenger, and she wants my employers because they owe MegaCorp money.”

“And what do they do with those they abduct?” Acrylic’s eyes gleamed and he grinned wickedly.

“I don’t know, make them slaves?! All I know is that those who are abducted never return to tell the tale!”

“Except me.” Acrylic’s word cut through the air like a laser, chilling me to the core. part of me wanted to run, but to what? Out there were droids looking for me. The logical part of me began to process this revolutionary information.

“How did you get out? And what do you know!? I thought SHE had the connections!” Had he lied?

“Let’s discuss this over coffee, shall we?” Acrylic swiftly swept Fetus up in his gait, leaving me no choice but to follow. Again.

Seated a few moments later in Fetus’ den with coffee, I began to feel something new: awe.

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