White florescent light flooded the unemployment office. The polished concrete floor showed reflections of people standing in a line that wound around ribbon barriers and out the door. With heads hung low, the poor unfortunate souls waited for an opportunity to plead their pitiable case.

“Can I help the next person in line?”

A strapping young man in blue leotards approached slowly, saying, “Hello… uh… this is a little embarrassing”.

“Yes,” said the woman, “but never mind what you’re wearing what can we do for you?”

“No, I wear this all the time. It’s not embarrassing. After a short pause he continued. “What’s embarrassing is… uh…you see…I’m unemployed.”

“Yes, most people standing in this line are.”

“Don’t you know who I am?” Pointing to the symbol on his puffed out chest.

“Yes, the circus left town and you’re in need of another gig?”

“No!" “You probably don’t recognize me without the cape,” he whispered.

“Yes, that must be it. Now, what’s your name sir?”

“My name? I’m Super-ma…my name is Kal-El.”

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