The Azure Sky: Take Her Down!

Annoyed and frustrated, Nikita said nothing. The glamour of finding a skyland was now lost. Jethro, knowing his place, went to the wheels and began to slowly bring the Azure Sky down to sea level. As they descended through the atmosphere passing clouds, the crew gravitated toward the sides of the boat, looking down over the railing.

Passing through the final layer of mist, the island came into sight. It had an odd aura about it, a sort of strange glow. Nikita called out to Jethro, “Put her in the water, just off to the east of the island!” Jethro obigingly navigated the ship into the sea, the enchanted mahogany feeling the cool, clammy water for the first time in several months.

As the ship slid smoothly into the water, and the crew got ready to put to shore, they were all rather gobsmacked. It doesn’t take a genius to tell when a cleanly cut off piece of rock is floating atleast a metre above the surface of the ocean. And their cleanly cut off piece of rock, was the Isle of Penazat.

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