The Meeting

The crowd flows through main street, no weapon visible, everyone looking the part of the innocent bystander. No weapon detected there so far, either. Unlike the plaza. Did the boss really have to use so many bodyguards? Even the waiters have caught on the tension in the air.

The Meeting hasn’t started yet. Why can’t those guys use email? I think they just don’t care about the lives, if a fight were to start.

I turn suddenly as I catch a movement on my left. Acting on pure instinct and training, I already tagged and illuminated the culprit before conscious thought catches up and I stop before blowing up a pigeon. I feel eyes on me. Someone in the crowd noticed, had been watching. Are they here already, identifying our defenses? I tag the guy just to be sure, as he turns around to blend back into the crowd.

Flyer in position in two minutes. I watch to the east. Can’t wait for the action to start.

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