Robots Don't Have Consciences

“So, Mephisto will be concious?” The information swam in my head in bits and pieces as I tried desperately to collect them into something that made sense.

“Yes and No. As a prototype android, she is adaptable to her surroundings, but controlled by a huge mainframe network on the 112th floor of MegaCorp. Robots don’t have consciences, no matter how many brains you splice into them.” Acrylic finished his coffee.

“But, YOU have a conscious.”

Acrylic zeroed in on me, lowering his cup.“They were trying to preserve my body, to make a human into a computer. When I.. rebelled, they stopped keeping the bodies. Severing the brain from its body renders it a more.. willing host. Bottom line here is that she will be trying to calculate our every move and intercept.”

“So we need to be unpredictable.”

“We need to show those bigwigs of The Shell that humanity is superior and doesn’t appreciate being controlled!” Acrylic slammed his cup down and stood to pace behind the sofa.

“Something like that,” I nodded.

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