Errant Entry

The sky ignited in flashes of yellow light; the pulse shedders fired as the ground rattled under our feet. The smell of burning vegetation mixed with molten soil, filled the air. The O Corp’s long range cannons had detected us before we had gotten within three-hundred yards of Tower Station. The jig was up, they found us, and we found ourselves running for our lives.

“You knew this was going to happen didn’t you!”

“Yes, my friend,” Lo replied calmly. “As I said, ‘getting in won’t be a problem’."

“The secret hatch is over here, come!” N-ka shouted.

Curr was first to arrive at the Breecher’s location smashing the hatch lock through and prying the hatch door open.

“Men.” N-ka dropped in the hatch with both vibro-blades wielded; Grammy Lo climbed slowly after her and Curr wedged the door open as he and I squeezed inside.

N-ka stood above three twitching Vyborg units; sparks lit the smoke-filled com-room.

“Nice place you got here, Ka,” I said. “What’s it called?”

“The Belly of the Whale,” whispered Lo.

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