You In?

“The last time anybody tried to break into MegaCorp HQ,” Fetus dryly informed us in her creepy, even monotone, “it was the TLF versus the corporate goons.”

“The Techno-Liberation Front?” I asked.

“Their best, brightest, and bravest,” Fetus confirmed. “Ninety fatalities: Two from MegaCorp and all thirty-three from the Front.” She sat up. “And they only just barely got in through the front door.”

“Our attempt to infiltrate the MegaCorp edifice will require some…most unorthodox methodology,” Acrylic expounded.

“We’ve a leg up because Acrylic’s a human supercomputer, so we can run a code-and-go.”

“Hacking on the fly,” I retorted. “While being shot at and otherwise chased after by the most powerful business ever to make it on the planet.” I sipped my coffee. “All in the name of freedom.”

“The stakes, once more, are lofty,” Acrylic noted, “but this time, I am on the other side of the equation.”

“So…” Fetus asked, downing the last of her coffee and leaning forward on her seat. “…you in?”

I smirked. “I’m in.”

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