Fire Engine Red

When Helen opened her eyes, she found herself in a very curious situation. She was in what seem be the waiting room of a hospital, but not sitting down in one of the empty chairs situated around the room. No, she was lying on the ground.
She attempted to sit up properly, but a wave of dizziness forced her to put her head back down on the floor.
“I–” Helen began, but stopped. Her voiced sounded so odd – almost as if it didn’t belong to her.
Helen opened her mouth to finish her previous sentence but stopped again as she felt her center of gravity shift upward a bit as she was moved from the floor to a chair. She could see a woman sit down next to her. The woman forcefully turned Helen’s head to face her own.
What was most striking to Helen was the color of this woman’s eyes. They were red. A fire engine red.
What was even worse though, was when she saw herself in that sliver of that woman’s glasses.
Helen’s eyes were red too.
Fire engine red.

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