Our Lady BonBons,

Our Lady BonBons,
I had an enlightening thought the other day when I saw a bubble pass by my window:

The thing about things, is that they’re so thingy.

Isn’t that just a glorious statement? “Thing” is used as an idiom (Is “the thing about…” an idiom? I shall call it an idiom, but feel free to correct me), noun and adjective. Can you think of any other word that can be composed in such a way?

Well, as you may have deduced, that was not the brilliant thought that was inspired by the Bubble. That thought, in fact, was given to me by a paper crane sitting on my desk. If you must know, the other thought was forgotten. I guess with a brilliant thought such as the one I had, it is fated to be fleeting. Fleeting, like cheese puffs.

Sir Percy Longshanks
P.S. Have any ground breaking thoughts knocked at your door lately?Pperhaps mine will find its way to you.
P.P.S. (or is it P. S. S?) I have a plate of empty brownies next to me. That’s not right, is it? Since empty brownies do not exist. Or do they?

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