And Then Everything Changed

Ethan and Pete were outside on the patio and it was crowded. They managed to grab the last open table and set their drinks down. “Dude,” Ethan said. “I’m gonna call it a night soon. I’ve got to work early tomorrow.”

“You’re closing this bitch down,” Pete said. “I guarantee.”

“We’ll see, man.”

And then everything changed. “Can we sit with you?” Eve asked, already sliding into a chair, her friends following suit. Eve was a brunette with long lashes and mysterious curving lips. “There aren’t any tables.”

“If you hold the table when we grab drinks,” Pete said, “We’ve got a deal. I’m Pete and this is my buddy Ethan.”

“I’m single,” Eve blurted out. “Becky and Kyle are together. They keep trying to hook me up tonight. Some guys are dressed nice, but I just don’t know. I just got out of a relationship. Maybe I’m not ready.”

“They dress nice to compensate,” Pete said. “And you look more than ready.”

“I look skeevy,” Eve said.

“You look just fine to me,” Ethan said, hoping his blush was hidden by the night.

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