She's Here For a Reason

The girls left the table to powder their noses and Ethan finally noticed Kyle. This guy was either heavily sedated or so burnt out that he made regular burnouts seem normal.

“Do you guys smoke?” Kyle asked. He lit a cigarette.

“I’ll bum a smoke,” Pete said.

“I quit a few years back,” Ethan said.

“You guys look like you smoke weed,” Kyle said, draining a beer. “Or spice. Do you guys smoke spice?”

Ethan thought, what the hell is spice? “No, we really aren’t into that whole scene, man,” Ethan said.

“Okay, I was just stalling,” Kyle said. “Waiting for them to get out of range. You can see Becky and I are together. I don’t really know Eve. She’s Becky’s BFF or whatever, right? How come I never met her until tonight? What I know is she had an ugly breakup three weeks ago. And, she’s here for a reason if you know what I mean. This girl is here for a reason.

“She is here for a reason,” Kyle said. “To go home with me tonight.”

Ethan grinned, but not at what Kyle said. He also was there for a reason.

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