New Tortuga

In the midst of the Great War, the island of Tortuga was ravaged and almost completely destroyed.It had actually been an accident. The bombs were meant to entice America into the war, but their compasses were wrong and they bombed the wrong place.

It was then the pirates returned. After almost 300 years, pirates returned to Tortuga. This time they brought airships with them, great monstrosities that blocked out the sun. Hundreds of them. Months of building, had given birth to New Tortuga.

The vast city floated above the smouldered ruins of its past. It was long enough that when near the bottom, one could not see the tip of her. It was vast enough to hold legions of airships, thousands of inhabitants, and enough supplies to blow Japan out of the sea.

And it was here the new Pirate Lords were born anew. America heard the rumours and sent a battalion of their best ships to reason with them.

They haven’t been seen since.

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