Event Zero

Screams from the rear duet as they lock, laying down molten rubber.

The straps hug my chest. I am a black belt, exhibiting my moves.

Clutch pedal in
E-brake down
heel to brake pedal
3rd to neutral
toe to gas

steering to right 110 degrees

Tinkling noises as a cloud of metric sockets find release from their box in the trunk. The world blurs, trying to catch up to what I am doing.

Akina is in the 3’ o clock position across the center two lanes, her duet now a quartet, the song four screams of terror and elation. Mile marker 7 whips past- the trail being left behind has now surpassed 150 feet.

neutral to second as she eclipses the six and continues to chase her own tail.

the watch beeps

both hands are now required to push steering 170 degrees to the left
we are now fifteen minutes to midnight

clutch in
86% power output at 6700 RPM slams into place

both hands leave the wheel, faith takes over to Akina
she pulls us through

The watch beeps.

The Eagle has landed
I repeat
The Eagle has landed.

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