Clutches of Dispare

Darkness surrounds you, envelopes you, craddles you. Every way you turn you find Nothing; large and powerful and strong. Nothing and Darkness are your constant companions. These two help you through. Darkness hides you as nothing protects you. In Darkness you cannot see the hideous truths so often shown to you. With Nothing, you cannot lose and be harmed.

As time drags on slowly, you meet Desperation. The three of you wander together, journeying through life blindly. You fear Desperation, but Nothing and Darkness accept him as one. Desperation causes you fright and makes your skin crawl. It feels like your body is physically rejecting him.

Then you come to a fork. Without hesitation, Nothing, Darkness, and Desperation step to the left. But to the left there is something new, something appealing to your physical self. You look away from this blinding light. You should be frightened by this new being, but something about it fills you with a feeling you haven’t felt in a long time: hope.

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