Living with the Trio

You step off to the right. Darkness, Nothing, and Desperation yell blood curdling screams. They want you to come back to them, they tell you that you will. This new being, Hope, becons you closer, but with a simpler and gentler manner. You follow Hope.

For a while, you think you are above the clutches of Darkness, Nothing, and Desperation. You try to fill yourself with the light Hope gives you, but you can feel the three lurking just below the surface. They threaten to come back, to overtake you again. You push them off as long as you can.

Then something goes wrong. Hope faulters for just a moment and the trio is back and you are under their control. But now you know the joy of Hope. You fight against the three every chance you get. You search every empty space for signs of Hope. You search for what you do not know. All you can think is that something, somewhere is going to help, is going to be what you want. All you can do is try each options to see which one leads you to Hope. Finally you find the one.

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