Acrylic tossed us duffel bags and we began gingerly removing contraptions from pegs and hooks on the walls. There was a sense of urgency, but I had no idea where we were headed next.

“Acrylic, I know you’re all gung-ho, but we can’t just bust in guns blazing. What’s the plan?”

“The building is most vulnerable from below,” he replied.

Fetus paused, “The sewers.” It was a statement more than a question, but I assumed she found that idea unpleasant.

“You think you can just walk into Scavenger territory?!” I bristled.

Acrylic hedged, “Well, not walk per se..”

“You can’t go in there hot! That’s suicide! Besides, there are innocent women and children down there!” My eyes met his with the same fire of determination. “Besides there’s an electronic grid under MegaCorp that these weapons won’t penetrate. Any lasers or magnetic interruption will alert the building. There are old seismographs with hair trigger smoke grenades..”

“So, you can get us in?” Acrylic interrupted.

I considered, “I may know a guy..”

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