Arriving Underground

We’d all started out as hackers, but as MegaCorp grew and took over more of the grid, imposing stricter sanctions, we were forced underground to avoid capture. Many turned to piracy for personal gain.

It was not uncommon for new faces to arrive in the Underground, but each was regarded with skepticism. As I led my new companions toward the central encampments, many curious and jealous eyes followed. Well, those regretfully torn away from their personal com stations.

“Elsha!” boomed a loud, but not deep, voice as I headed for Big C’s. I knew that voice was meant to deter and interrogate me, and there was no ignoring it. I turned.

“Hard Drive!” The massive bald man leaned in for a double air kiss. My face brushed the fuzzy dice he wore around his neck. His gloved hands lit up in neon colors, bare chest oiled and scented. Three ladies huddled behind him.

“Who are your friends?” he cut to the chase.

“Acrylic and Fetus. Is C:/ in?” I pressed back.

“You know it! But he’s in a meeting, darlin’.”

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