Ahasuerus: Letter to Tiy

Year 16 of the reign of Senusret III, 4th day of the 3rd month of Inundation,

My dearest Tiy,

We grow apart. You begin to suspect that I am a demon because I have not aged since we met. I am not but it does not matter. Someone, you or another, will soon denounce me to the priests and they will kill me for it. I will lose you whether I stay or whether I go.

It is a thing that I do not comprehend. I have lived for centuries and I know not how much longer I may endure. It is a curse that forces me to wander the world and the time is upon me once again.

Dawn breaks in a few short hours. I am just returned from an hour spent on the balcony, watching the moonlight shimmering on the Nile, delaying what I must do. I watch your face as you sleep. You are so beautiful. My heart breaks.

I place the letter on the dressing table where I know she’ll find it. Returning to the balcony, I clear my mind and the portal comes. Not knowing what lies on the other side, I step through to another place, another time.

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