Sir Percy Longshanks (ii),

February 27, 2011

Though I am a terrible baker, I will indubitably attempt to bake a batch of brownies. Though if my house goes up in flames, I will blame you.
One day, if we meet, I will teach you how to draw camels. And elephants. But I thank you for euthanizing your camels, not-humps humps sound quite painful.

Unfortunately, I have to take Bruno’s side in this argument. “Nothing” or I guess emptiness does exist in the world. Did. And Does.
For example, right before the Big Bang. When Time didn’t even exist. Nothing.

Or the number Zero, I guess. In my head that’s the embodiment of nothing.

Or perhaps something more poetic? Have you ever been to a concert, a classical music concert? Well if you have, do you remember that moment at the end of a piece? That pause, that moment of silence? When its like the world is holding its breath, just for a second?
That’s nothing. A beautiful, perfect nothing.

May your camels rest in peace,
Our Lady BonBons

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